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Montag, 16. Februar 2009

It´s Tuesday !!!

...that means I have another chance to give the Tuesday´s award " Kissed by a Prince" for Blog I really enjoy and amire... and I will take the chance !!!( you can read about the award in my older posts. If I probably don´t know your blog or haven´t noticed it for long, please don´t hesitate to invite me to visit your blog !and we here ( me,my assistant Liesl Troll, my King of thieves and Ruby Tuesday with her magical Toad will decide if you may deeeeeeseeerrrrve that award too in future ;o)

For this time, the award goes to:
Debbie from Tiny Treasures - I visit you almost daily and truly enjoy your postings!
The Gobblin from Goblinz Bloggie we love you !
Ute and her Trollsshe´s unbelievable creative- watch her hat !
to Flora from Bonehead Studios we switch off your music on the site but we deeply love all your postings
and to Lotti and her Wusels from Wuselhausen, we would love to see more finished Wusels but we enjoy to watch them growing :o)/ wir würden uns wünschen mehr fertige Wusels zu sehen, aber wir lieben es auch sie heranwachsen zu sehen !

Now girls, you can ( but you must not) pick up the award pic and post it on your site . We hope you´ll enjoy the prizegiving !/ Also Mädels, ihr
könnt ( müsst aber nicht) Euch nun das Award Bild herunter pflücken und bei Euch posten. Wir hoffen ihr genießt die Preisverleihung


  1. Thank you so much Silke, I am truly honoured.

  2. Oh, Syllie laß´ Dir mal knutschen. Ich bin schwer entzückt und werde "meinem Fröschkenprinz" ein feines Blogplätzchen frei machen. Mein erster Award ... ich bin pli-pla-flunderglöcklich!!!

    Fühl Dich umärmelt von das Lotti

  3. Congrats to all the very deserving artists/bloggers that are recepients of this

  4. Hi Silke. I've left you an award on my blog.
    Best wishes... Nikki

  5. Nikki, I´m running over to your site !!! My first award !!! Yiiipiih !!! Thanks so much !!!Hugs, Silke