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Sonntag, 1. Februar 2009

Where the green Toad came from...

We have that new little companion here living with us ( me, my family, the Trolls,the Fairies,the gnomes, etc...).
Her name is Ruby Tuesday, she was born on a TUESDAY. She is..hmm...clever. The cleverest girl I met and guess what´s going on here...
My dear assistant Liesl Troll, her nature is simple, nosy and wanting almost everything had welcomed Ruby very heartly with a tea party. When Liesl recognised Ruby had that special pet, that green Frog or Toad or whatever wearing a little golden crown, she wanted to know how´s about that.
Clever Ruby told Liesl she had to find out by herself, she just need to kiss that green thing. But this shouldn´t be for free, Liesl had to give Ruby something to let her kiss that green Whimsy.
Liesl told me her thougts, it might be an enchanted Prince waiting for her...
No wonder, Liesl took out her baggage with hidden sweets, candy, chocolate, her collection of dollies and teddybears and let Ruby choose from.
Ruby choose candy.
Liesl kissed the pet.
Nothing happened.
Liesl got angry.
Ruby said ,try it again and choose chocolate....
Liesl tried it again.
Liesl got sad.
Ruby offered again Liesl might try another kiss...
Liesl agreed and Ruby choose a teddybear.
Liesl kissed the greenish one.
Nothing happened....

Now a week has gone by and that green Toad is still like he was at the beginning. Ruby has allready her own bag filled .. no ..overloaded with goodies from almost every inhabitant from my studio and nothing happened. Liesl is thrilled and stomping and crying and shouting and bidding....
For what ?
For more goodies from me to trade with Ruby !!!
Ruby is in best mood.
It´s not really a fair deal ,isn´t it ?

The only inhabitant, including myself, who didn´t try to kiss that strange greeny is a real Prince, a King, okay he is the King of thieves but he is loyal to us and wanted me to share this studio adventures with you to warn you.

And the little greenish guy...?

Oh he is cute, he´s really cute, he thinks everybody loves him !!! He is in best mood and get´s good food from everyone.He´s nice to everybody, makes everybody smiling.
Everyone is taking good care on him because maybe...eventually ...the right kiss will make him a beautiful Prince !!!!


  1. Look at that face on Ruby...hmmmmm I'm wondering what the toad is feeling? LOL Love it as always!

  2. Oh bless Liesl Troll giving all her goodies away to Ruby Tuesday..
    Clever little girl is Ruby.
    Mini Hugs

  3. Seems Liesl is like a gambler,LOL I hope she will learn. I think I have to do something to stop that...or not ? But it´s to cute to see the Toads smiling face getting all those kisses ! :O)

  4. Love the expression on Ruby's face. The toad is so cute :D Poor Liesl LOL

  5. Hi Silke it's me Pat... from a long time ago....
    I love the your new dolls! WOW
    And I love what you and Gail did!

  6. Such wonderful creations yet again!
    I just tried to pull that face and my eye and face took the same shape as Ruby Tuesdays.
    Which shows i must think like a mad person but proves attention to detail is running right through every part of your work.
    Everybody that reads this should also try to copy Ruby's expression and you will totally agree with me once you try.
    So in love with everything as usual.. the rips and tears, the colours, the buttons, the chain and on and on!