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Dienstag, 21. April 2009

..allways out of time...

..since we have a final date " this JUNE !" for our complete moving (not the studio that has moved allready last year !!! but our private stuff is still waiting to get moved I´m running out of time and have much less time for the internet. My collectors still need my attention as my retailers too and I will have my premiere in the miniature world at the 1zu12 fair in Soest/Westfalen End of May. So I´m busy working for those all between packing boxes with privat things.

If any of my collectors here might get a parcel filled with my china, my pots or my dresses, please forgive me ,I´m very sorry I will exchange it directly into your loved doll you are waiting for ;o)

If I have a tiny bit time left for my other Love my Blogs,I will keep you updated what´s going on here and upload some pics, weather dolls, miniatures or from our garden to entertain you.
For all of you who have treated my with severall awards : Thank you so so much !!! Please forgive me that I have not enough time to post them all here with the answers and links etc. The same with my own award I give to Blog I admire (without any rules) I´ll start the giving again as soon as I can breath again.

For now, I have updated my Witches Blog with some portraits of my newest 1/12th miniature witches, who deserve a little space in that Blog too.


  1. Silke I hope your move goes well, and Good Luck with the fair in Soest.
    Mini Hugs

  2. Thanks so much Debbie ! I think no one else can imagine like you how incredible much work it is to redo an old house and make everything fine for moving in ... I have the most respect for your family and your house. We also renewed floors, new electricity, new pipes....etc. etc... but the end comes now in sight !!!

  3. Silke,
    Your work is totally fantastic - I am so glad to follow, just to look at the Witches, never mind anything else! Good Luck from me too.

  4. Thanks so much Mags !!! It´s so good to have people out there wishing me well !!!

  5. I love seeing your work Silke! Is it like fairy magic! I hope you are doing well and keep creating wonderful dolls!


  6. Best of luck with the move! I LOVE your witches blog!! :)

    ~ Carolee

  7. WoooHoo she's gorgeous Silke! Good luck with your move.

  8. Silke, moving is NOT fun and is so much work...good luck with your move. I love the gypsy doll, she has just looked into her crystal ball and is saying that everything will be good!


  9. Thanks so much Cindy and Sue.
    I hope your right Sue ! ;o)But I hide my biggest treasures allready in my studio, so who cares about the china or furniture...most important is : the dolls are safe ! LOL

  10. Good luck with your move Silke.
    It is hard work moving but good to clear out and often forgotten treasures turn up in all the upheaval. Your fortune teller is so beautiful and your magical blog always lifts my spirits .
    julie xx

  11. Thanks so much Julie ! It´s such a pleasure to have met you and your Blog ! Love your dolls !!!Especially their eyes with this special expression like your little beggar girl, so sad but so cute !Want to take her by the hand !