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Donnerstag, 16. April 2009

Doubling / Doppling

This is no fake flower, I got this flower on easter sunday, isn´t this amazing ??? The wonders of mother nature :o)


  1. Silke that is amazing. It looks like a face with two big eyes..

  2. Wow that is a stunning flower!!!
    I don't even know what kind it is...
    Mother Nature is one of the best artists I know : )

  3. Silke, that is amazing! The one with the double centre, if you look at the darker lower petal between the two stamin "eyes" and then the frilled thin petals above - overall it reminds me of a bantam rooster face. Very cool!

  4. Oh how beautiful ! mother nature creates such masterpieces :0)
    julie xx

  5. Yeah I agree with you all ! Had to share it !What a treasure.I hope I can tease this flower and won´t kill her, I don´t have a green thumb... And I wonder if there might come more blossoms with two "eyes".I´ll keep you updated if it get´s more "eyes" ;o)

  6. thank you for visiting my blog and leading me to yours, i love your work, just beautiful!!

  7. Hi Silke ~
    I just honored you with a award...
    Go to my blog to see it~