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Dienstag, 27. Januar 2009

How´s about to give awards ???

Let´s try, I thought ,so I might like to start giving awards "Kissed by a Prince"
to faerysh Blogs I visited and absolutly enjoyed.....
So watch out for comments ;o)
Wie ist es eigentlich eine Auszeichnung zu vergeben ? Nun versuch´s einfach ,dachte ich mir. Also werde ich nun nach und nach meine Auszeichnung "Kissed by a Prince/ Vom Prinzen geküsst") an Blogs vergeben die ich besucht habe und die mir super gut gefallen. Nun haltet schön die Augen nach meinen Kommentaren auf ! ;o)

---the first 5 Awards go to :
Gail Lackey
Sandra Arteaga Dolls
and Carolee from King of Mice Studios
Sue Barton
Witch and Wizard Miniatures
more will follow soon !!!
I just decided I´ll give the AWARDS on Tuesdays only.
Why Tuesdays? It´s such a boring day... but that´s not the name giver for the Tuesday´s AWARD... I´ll show you soon WHY !
Ich habe mich gerade entschieden die Auszeichnung nur an einem Tuesday/Dienstag zu vergeben. Warum Dienstags? Das ist so ein langweiliger Tag ... aber deshalb heißt er nicht die Dienstags-Auszeichnung/Tuesday´s Award...ich zeige Euch bald warum


  1. Thank you Silke for this wonderful award. Its ever so funny because i was having a nose at your blog and said oh i wish i could have that award, then realised you had given one to me.
    This award has made my day and feel quite proud of myself.
    I adore your work and so happy my friend Debbie sent me the link.
    Thank you once again Silke.
    Best wishes... Nikki

  2. Hi Nikki, so much love into details need to be honored ! :o) I checked all your postings.
    I´m glad you like the Award ! I really enjoy blogging and surfing through other Blogs and one of those most fascinating Blogs is yours !!!

  3. Silkie, you have made my day! I was out all morning, came home to see that I have received this
    wonderful award from you!

    I am SO honoured, not only to be included amongst the other incredibly talented
    recepients, but to have
    been recognized by you. WOW!! Thank you so much!
    Hugs to you and to Leisl (in case she played any part in this!)

    Fae Hugs,


  4. Ohhhh Silke!!! :)

    Thank you very very very much!!! You are very lucky for living so far from me! (I tell you that for your securiry, because if we were next to the other physicly I would give you so many and so strong hugs than I think I could asphyxiate you ;P)

    I have just finished my first polymeric clay doll today, I only used paperclay before, and the result wasn´t so bad but I have a lot for learning yet!

    Again, a million of thank you, I have the red drum doing a thousand 'toc toc' per second!

    Thank you for makes me happy this day! :)

    Inifinite hugs, Sandra.

  5. Congradulations on this wonderful Award! You really, really deserve this and your choices are wonderful too! Cheers to my little friend!