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Donnerstag, 26. März 2009

2.Topmodel Show begins...

I proudly present this years Spring fashion show by star designer Liesl Troll (photo shows Liesl Troll testing the "payment" for her models/ moppels)

Let´s begin....with Sina and Lilly

followed by Nanny and Pippa

Wait what´s this ? Hey, you can´t sleep !!! Wake up !...hmmm...oh dear....grmmllllllmmmmm..........

Okay , it is like it is, I can´t wake him up. If you´re interested, please contact me for availability, more details about pricing and shipping costs and bigger images ! Thank you !


  1. Silke, I could spend forever on your blog!! Our daughter is home sick and she loves the music on the blog!! She likes Sina and Lilly best, but my favourites are Seamus and Mary, Sooo gorgeous!!!! Well done on such beautiful creations xx Kate xx

  2. Liesl, These are wonderful fashions for Spring! Do you make human size 6? I would very much like to dress like Sina! ;-)

  3. Liesl, I think you have given Karl Lagerfeld a run for his money and your models are tres chic! I've always picked favorites with models and my favorite is Sina!

    Well done!

  4. Liesl, you've done a wonderful job.
    Silke I'm in love with Mary O'Grady..

  5. Hach, Liesl, was haste da wieder für ne feine Kollektion kreiert. Nichts drapiert und richtig geschneidert haste. Trés chic, Madame!!! Ein richtiger Trollchen-Walk.

    Ich liebe sie alle.

    Dein Lotti

  6. Wonderful Silke...I love Sina and Lily best as well...they are so pretty.

  7. Silke, was eine wunderschoene kollektion! Alle sind ja super, aber die kleine maus faehlt mir am besten. You go girl!

  8. Thank you soooooooooo much for your lovely comments !

    @ Kate -I hope your daughter will get well soon !You had so much turbulences the last weeks !I´m feeling with you !Thanks so much !

    @ Cindy - just a 6 ???Oh dear I´m sure you can wear Sina´s original dress !!!! ;o)LOL

    @ Sue - don´t tease Liesl to much she thinks she´s pretty cool now and is irresistable...pooohhh that´s stressy !!!

    @ Debbie - as allways thank you so much ! I´m still in love too with the tiny old character dolls and allready working on new crumbled faces :o)

    @ Lotti - Danke mein Schatzi !!! Aber du weißt ja auch: Liesl darf man nich so dolle loben , die wird größenwahnsinnig !!Läuft schon wieder mit Sonnenbrille herum !

    @ Jayne - Thank you very much ! Sina and Lilly are a new style of dolls I sculpted these about 2 years ago but never finished them ,now it´s their premiere and I can finally say I like them too! :o)

    @ Ute - Daaaanke ! That is so kind of you to write in german !!! I really appreciate this, you´re a big treasure !!!

  9. They are all wonderful..a great way to start Spring.

    Please visit my blog as I have given you an award.

  10. I too have chosen to award your site with the Proximity Award. Drop by my blog anytime to pick it up. Thank you for being such a dear friend all these years. Hugz!