availables at my Etsy online shop

Dienstag, 10. März 2009

New at my Etsy Shop

The "Witch Mary Sanderson" and my dear "Beppo", both single available at Silke´s online Shop
happy hauntings!
Die "Hexe Mary Sanderson" und mein lieber "Beppo" sind neu in meinem Online Shop:
Silke´s online Shop

Viel Spaß beim gucken !

I sculpted Beppo after my Mascot Beppo the big I created some years ago....


  1. Silke, I am so amazed at the incredible detail you get with these little creations. What a treat to view your work!

  2. Silke, we have just stared our blog and have come over to say hi and How wonderful your creations are. Going to have to start saving, how we'd love one of your witches in our house!! Indredible, and love the dragon too!
    LOl Kate and John xx

  3. Wonderful yet again. You're one of my favourite doll makers and always adore everything you create. What i like most though is they always look a bit dirty and nicely worn. I like the worn ooks and you have it spot on!

  4. Thank you all so much ! Made me blush ...Kate and John you´re welcome ,you started your Blog very well !!! Love your spooky houses !!!They must look great when lighted !!!
    Hey Nikki, I love too what you´re doing, sometimes I think you share to much ;o) Not only that I visit your blog daily,I will be reminded of you everytime I´m wearing Pyjamas now and having the washing day, LOLOLOL

  5. I love the expressions , and the great detail in your work. The faces on your dolls full of meaning. I love your work. Inspiring!

  6. Hi Silke! so Gla to see youve opened an etsy shop!
    My mom went home today from rehab, so I am hoping to have my "normal" life back somewhat. My how do you keep up with so many different blogs! does Lisl help?!!
    Hugs, Gail and Miss "P"!

  7. Oh Gail, what great news ! I was really afraid to ask you about you mom ! poooh ! Good to hear she´s coming home. I hope you´ll get your energy and "normal" life back asap. oooh my blogs, ah yeah that is like my life, a bunch of chaos and Liesl shouting behind me :"make more make more!" but helping ? No ! Liesl is my "Assistant".. whatever she understands an assistant has to do or not, it´s allways far far away from what I expect !!!! LOL
    But I must say the Blog are less work than running a usual website:o) I send you and your cutiepie Miss Pennythistle my fairy best wishes and hugs, yours Silke