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Sonntag, 15. März 2009


I´d like to share with you the new "dark " Blog of my so very talented son ... I like it, it has the spooky dark look ;o)... it´s the "Angels" Blog he just started and you can see some of his brand new works at : John M.G.Castle´s - Angels

Ich möchte euch den neuen dunklen Blog von meinem talentierten Sohn vorstellen, es geht dabei um Engel , geafllene Engel ? Seht selbst : John M.G.Castle´s - Angels


  1. Hi Silke, I went over to your Son's blog. What a fantastic Artist he is. I did try to leave a comment, but blogger wouldn't let me. I totally love the Dragon picture.

  2. Hi Debbie, thank you so much, I´ll tell him he should check the comments options !He´s a bit lazy in promoting, so I try to help a bit out,Proud-Mama-syndrom ,LOL

  3. John is very, very talented
    Silke, thank you for introducing him. Yes, I also tried to leave a comment and couldn't.

  4. Thank you girls !!! Seems the comment function works now, so if you like to try it a second time :o) I won´t stop you ;o) Hugs, Silke