Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2011

I´m packing ...

... my things. We´ll leave soon and hopp over to the US to see a bit from the other side of world plus doing the Philadelphia Miniaturia November 5th and 6th.It´s my first miniature fair in the US, after doing so many dollshow there in 20 years of being in the dollbuissiness I´m excited like a beginner.
So guess what else ?
We will be in the US during Halloween !!! booohooooo..... isn´t that cool ???!!!

I have two Babysitters for the house and the cats. I have warm clothes for the upper eastcoast and light clothes for the lower eastcoast in the bag, slippers and boots, two cameras and 5 Gigabyte to saving photos :o) I´ll try to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando as well as the National Christmas Museum in Lancaster. I´ll promise to take as many photos as I can and show you the best when I´m back. Cross your fingers that the cameras will work !!!But I won´t leave you all here without any autumn impressions from my hometown here.... I had to test the handling of my new/old camera ( I found a great used one at Ebay ! Does perfect shots outside !!)

And here are the results from our latest walk in our little Village where we are living ...

What do you say ?

Is that a good camera or what ? ;o)

xxx talk to you in a few weeks ;o)