Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Back from the US, part 4, Hogsmeade (2)

on through Hogsmead...-above- I found a nice little corner without any other people :o) !!!

and here we´re entering the three broomsticks for lunch !

Gilderoy Lockhart´s "Travel with Trolls"...but not for sale, just exhibit :o(


to be continued...........

Samstag, 26. November 2011

Back from the US, part 3, Hogsmeade (1)

from Key West we drove to Orlando, to enter "Hogsmeade" early next morning !!!
The Universal Studios opened at 9 am, but we arrived allready at 8 am. Good so, because we had to sty in line allready. A Lady from Birmingham,GB told me that she had visited Hogsmead the day before, but it was so overloaded with people that they tried another visit very early. When the doors opened, everybody, YES ! EVERYBODY walked straight right and directly into the Wizarding world of Harry Potter ! No one stopped at Seuss Landing or the other attractions, left around a corner at the oriental market, there it was to arch you have to pass to get into Hogsmead !!!

starting here with Zonkos

on to and into Honeydukes

Back from the US, part 2 Key West

from Newark we took the Amtrak Silver Star and headed forward to Miami, took a rental car and on to Key West...

At Fort Meyer they started preparing for a big Halloween event, but we left allready the other day

we stayed just one night in Key West, we expected more nature, not so much party....

Back from the US, part 1 NYC

Hello my friends,
it took a while for me to get back to normal after our long US trip. The journey was phantastic and we saw so much ! Now I like to share some impressions from our tour. We arrived in Newark New Jersey and stayed there at the Best Western Robert Treat Hotel ( great Hotel, great service, Shuttlebus to the Newark Pennstation). We took the pathtrain from Newark pennstation to go to Manhattan Pennstation, from where you can reach the most NYC places by walking, but we tried also the bus and suburb, everything works fine.

We had breakfast at Tom´s Diner ( where Jerry Seinfeld and friends have met in the TV serie), great breakfast, nice service !