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Montag, 19. Januar 2009

absolutly amazing !!!

I was just visiting Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor´s Blog
Jennifer´s Blog
and found pics from her studio...I love studio pics, and this pic, Jennifer I have to show it here please :
could have been in MY STUDIO !!!
Inclusive the cat, the box and the Froud book !!! Jennifer I promise you ,I will take a similar photo for you very soon !!!
You made my day ! LOL

.... a few minutes later.... I couldn´t resist :
that´s in MY STUDIO : Especially taken for Jennifer !!!!


  1. Oh wow! My Juno kitty is
    identical, as are the white
    shelves. I don't have the box.

    These two pics look like they are from the same

    Faerie wishes,


  2. Come on Sue ,grap your camera and take a shot and let us see !!! You don´t need the box,LOL

  3. Now you made my day! That is too funny. I can't believe how similar they are. You even had a floral shoe type box there!
    I love it!

  4. Oh can I have that cat...he looks like a fun cozy friend for my studio! LOL I love seeing where people create. Thanks for sharing!