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Samstag, 3. Januar 2009

New Blogoutfit

Welcome friends of Faeries to my Blog, I´ve changed a lot during the last days and hope it is to your liking. I added some seperate "blogs-categories" like :Fairies, Trolls
and the little folk .
See Links at the right side, or click the images.
I´m going to add some more witches and animals later this month ( hopefully). I thought this way is best to share most pics with you and make it easier for those who prefer just the whimsical Trolls or those who admire just the pretty fairies.
Okay ,here we go....explore my enchanted world and dream.-

Willkommen meine lieben Elfenfreunde, I habe einiges hier in den letzten tagen geändert und hoffe es gefällt Euch. Ich habe neue "Blogs-Kategorien" hinzugefügt wie
Fairies/Elfen, Trolls/Trolle
und the little folk/Das kleine Volk Beachtet auf der rechten Seite die Links, oder klickt auf die jeweiligen Bilder.
Ich werde später noch Hexen und Tiere hinzufügen, hoffentlich noch diesen Monat. Ich glaube auf diese Weise kann ich die meisten bilder mit Euch teilen und mache es denen leichter die nur die Trolle mögen oder diejenigen denen die lieblichen Elfen besser gefallen. Okay, nun dann los... entdeckt meine verzauberte Welt und träumt.


  1. What AMAZING dolls! =O) You're doing good with your blog!


  2. LOVE your work!!! Truly wonderful!!

    ~ Carolee

  3. I could get lost in your fantasy world!! I just love your imagination and what comes out of it:) I will be back often to see what's new here. You blog looks great also:) I am learning to work this blog thing and some day hope to have a cool blog too!!



  4. Thanks so much girls !!! I´m really happy about your comments :o) Seems I have the blogging fever ! I´m testing here and there and whoopity a new site is filled,LOL. My official website is so complicated and doesn´t allow big images...I have to share 16 years of dollmaking with you !!!So keep watching... oh plus all the news to come ,if I ever make it back to my studio and away from the computer,
    big faery hugs, Silke

  5. Hi Silke, where did Liesl's blog go? Love all your new blogs! Thanks for the well wishes for my mom.
    Hope your year is jolly and everything else ending in olly!
    Hugzz Gail & Miss "P"!