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Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2009

Valentins Day ?

It´s not yet Valentins day but the Valentins Annie from Primgrl1 arrived this morning and now I´m in trouble ! Liesl opened the parcel and now she thought it´s hers !!!!Florence/Primgrl1 she is sooo darling !!!
But my idea was to bring my hubby the idea to give this cute little Annie to ME on Valentinsday...Hmmm...what shall I do ????....
Es ist noch nicht Valentinstag aber heute kam schon die süße Valentis Annie von Primgrl1an und Liesl stürtze sich auf´s Päckchen und öffnete es. Nun glaubt sie natürlich es wäre ihre !!! Florence/Primgrl1, sie ist sooo niedlich !!!! Dabei war meine Idee, meinem Mann die kleine Annie unterzuschieben ,damit er sie mir am Valentinstag schenkt....Hmmm, was mach ich denn jetzt ????....
Florence/Primgrl1, sie ist so niedlich !!!!


  1. Oh dear, I fear you will not be able to convince
    Liesl to give up Valentins
    Annie, but maybe she will
    be persuaded to share?



  2. Oh my, you cannot take this from Lisel...ohhhh I can her the screams now if you do! But may be if you give up a bit of rum and custard tart...you might be able to get your hands on Annie...but just for a moment and then back to Lisel she must go! giggling....

  3. Oh how adorable....awwwwwwwwww...your artwork is amazing..


    Sonia ;)

  4. Ohh Annie is so cute!! thanks for the well wishes Silke, it's much apprieciated!!
    Big hugs from me and Miss "P"!!!

  5. Hi girls, seems you´re right and I´m loosing this fight for MY (!!) Valentins Annie..I tried it with candy and chocolate, a nice colourful jigsaw , no chance...than came Liesl up to my pink teddybear, I own a handmade and hand dyed one from a german artist since many many years and love him to bits. Liesl meant he would match perfectly to "HER" pink hearted Annie and now she´s hiding somewhere with both ! With Annie and my pink Teddy !!! I can´t get that little naughty Troll girl under control !!! My last chance is, when Valentines day is gone and Easter will come that she will give attention to some other goodies ....

  6. "Ich würde diese schnuggelische Raggedy Ann auch nich aus der Hand geben und gleich in meine Höhle schleppen ... is klar wie Kloßbrühe, nä", sagte das Lotti

  7. Hi Silke,
    I just came across your blog through Gail Lackeys and I love it! Your creations are so wonderful. I also see that you have many more blogs for me to visit.

    Hugs from Sunny Florida,

  8. Wow...My name is Eva and I wite you from a city close to Barcelona in Spain.
    I have discovered your work now
    What a wonderful blog!!!
    It's amazing, congratulations for creating such a fantastics creatures!